Classification Code

The classification of the plastic conduits (pipes) is perfomed according to the interantional standard EN 61386 and following specific evaluation and testing performed by authorised laboratories.
The classification code consists of 12 digits that correspond to the following categories:

Standards & applicable directives

The conduit systems, the systems of cable trunking and also all boxes and accessories manufactured by P.E. KASINAKIS S.A. , follow the strictest European and Greek standards of quality and environmental sensibility.

The continuous real-time quality control performed during the manufacturing process by the Quality Control Department and the certification of our products from outside recognized testing centers ensure that the products which will reach the end user will be of the highest quality.

Applicable European Directives

  • 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 89/106/EEC Construction Product Directive
  • RoHS 2002/95/EK Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances.


  • EN 50085 (Cable Trunking Systems)
  • EN 61386.21 (Rigid Electrical Conduit Systems)
  • EN 61386.22 (Pliable Electrical Conduit Systems)
  • EN 60670-1 (Mounting Boxes) Specifies the requirements of internal or external Electrical Installations within nominal voltage <1000V AC & 1500V DC.
  • EN 60529 (IP protection rating)

The protection rating acronym IP, followed by two numbers, i.e. IP 65, indicates the resistance of the product against external effects. The first digit indicates the resistance against penetration of solid particles and the second resistance
against penetration of liquids.

International standard EN 60529 (sealing ability, IP)
The sealing ability of a product is described by the abbreviation (IP), which is followed by two digits that state the protection achieved. The first digit refers to solid particles (Resistance against penetration of solid particles) while, the second digit refers to water tightness. (Resistance against penetration of liquid particles).


  • IP1 Protection against particles Φ> 50mm
  • IP2 Protection against particles Φ> 12mm
  • IP3 Protection against particles Φ> 2.5mm
  • IP4 Protection against particles Φ> 1,0mm
  • IP5 Protection against visible dust
  • IP6 Dust-tight


  • IPX1 Water drops Falling vertically
  • IPX2 Water spray vertically and under inclination <150
  • IPX3 Water spray (vertical) 600
  • IPX4 Water splashing (all directions)
  • IPX5 Low pressure Water jets (all directions)
  • IPX6 High pressure Water jets (all directions)
  • IPX7 Temporarily immersion into water