Weatherproof Boxes

A. Round Boxes B. Square Boxes

 The weatherproof boxes are ideal for external electrical installation, where there is need for protection against rain and sunlight. They are produced from specially stabilized thermoplastic material, self extinguishing, heavy metals free (RoHS) and Halogen Free (HF) with excellent insulating properties.
Their color is Light Grey RAL 7035 to ensure the aesthetic homogeneity of the electrical installation system. The weatherproof boxes are available with precut holes, covered with elastic rings. By cutting, with a simple blade, any ring (according to the conduits diameter) a hole of the respective diameter is created to host the conduit, while maintaining the sealability of the system. The lids are either snap-fit or screwed on (with the screws already pre-fitted on the lid).
The weatherproof boxes fulfill all the requirements of the International Standards EN 60670 and have a seal-ability grade of IP 65/54. Their temperature of application is from -25oC up to +90oC. They are assembled with COSMOTUBE® and COSMOFLEX® into an ideal electrical installation system for external or internal applications with overall seal-ability grade IP65.