Cable Trunking 100x50 -45mm

Direct installation of modular wiring outlets 45mm without any additional accessory.

Direct installation of modular wiring outlets 45X45mm without any additional accessory. The cable-data trunking 100x50-45mm, can be assembled with their full range of accessories into a complete Electrical Installation Data Trunking System.
The cable divider profile can be assembled internally into the trunking to completely eliminate any electromagnetic interference. Their innovative design, allows for the 45mm switches and sockets to be installed without any accessories just …snap-fit. Their aesthetics allows them to be installed in offices, households and any type of public places. Their durable construction makes them ideal for installations in industrial and highly demanding environments.
They are produced in White RAL 9003 from specially stabilized, self extinguishing U-PVC according to the international standard EN 50085-1, EN 50085-2-1 and are suitable for applications from -25oC up to +60oC. The cover and top side of the trunking system is covered with scratch resistant protective foil.