Annual General Assembly of POSEI

Once again, KASSINAKIS was a sponsor at the annual General Assembly of POSEI (Hellenic Federation of Associations of Contractors of Electricians). The General Assembly of POSEI was held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May in Glyfada, at the Fenix ​​Hotel.
At this year's General Assembly in conjunction with the elections, there was a large participation

of representatives of clubs and clubs throughout the country. The attendance of members was great.
With its sponsorship, KASSINAKIS aims first to support POSEI and strengthen its relationship of trust with its members.
KASSINAKIS promises to continue its steady upward trend based on TOP QUALITY - CERTIFICATION - COMPETITIVE PRICE.
In the difficult times of our industry, we will support and be close to the electricians – installers. The annual meeting ended with excellent impressions.